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This was in 2000, so i was around 8 or so. with my mom and sister (dad was at work) and we went to starbucks. walk in, get our drinks, and while on line, we notice there were a whole bunch of dogs and people outside (no dogs at home, just a cat). so we […]

Freshman Year Roommate

Freshman year of college, I had a crazy roommate, we’ll call him B… The year started off well, but he was always a little off… Meds for ADHD, Aspergers, depression, and OCD (lost the meds one day too, but more on that later). His habit was that he legitimately only ate cheese pizza for meals… […]

Volunteer Live Team

Unfortunately today (Wednesday, March 15, 2017), the owner and founder of the VolunteerLiveTeam (legurnster) decided, without warning or prior discussion, to relocate the team from Slack to Facebook for Work. When opposition was met, he proceeded to carry out a hostile takeover of the team. Facebook, Twitter, and reddit accounts were locked out and deleted, […]

#anxiety @ Snoonet

Few years ago, had a good friend on IRC who had anxiety and was friendly with one of the ops, so I went into the channel to check it out. Started talking to the op, and she seems super nice at first. I was still semi-new to IRC at the time, so wasn’t too experienced […]

Becoming the MuffinMedic

So back in my first undergrad career, I start out as a computer science major. That lasted a semester… Quickly left it when I realized how much math it involved and changed majors start of 2nd sem to Information Systems, which is kind of a blend between comp sci and business. Did that for the […]