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Few years ago, had a good friend on IRC who had anxiety and was friendly with one of the ops, so I went into the channel to check it out. Started talking to the op, and she seems super nice at first. I was still semi-new to IRC at the time, so wasn’t too experienced with the intricacies. She started to come off a bit strange and eventually went full out nuts. She would have a meltdown, I’d ask her what’s wrong, and she’d get all snippy about not needing the help. Happened one day, and she went ape shit bonkers on me, saying she didn’t need my help, didn’t want it, could care for herself, etc… (all of this in private message) and proceeded to ban me from the channel.

My friend was able to vouch for me and got me unbanned, but tensions became kind of tight and I started to shy away from eh channel since she was fucking nuts. Eventually, the channel fell into disarray. She went MIA and added a new op, who, along with another current op, didnt do shit. one of them would always PM me saying she was scared too kick or ban someone or felt it wasnt nice, etc… basically she couldn’t bring herself to actually moderate the channel for whatever reasons she had.

Well, eventually Snoonet took over the channel because it was being run into the ground, but being short staffed, they needed some people to help moderate it temporarily while they got new ops from the sub reddit to take over and people back in place, so I volunteered, knowing some of the staff at the time. Helped out for about a bit, until we eventually realized it was likely going to be a permanent change as there really wasnt anyone from the sub who cool take over. I stayed doing that for a year, until i stepped down last January to work on network-wide stuff instead, which I stopped doing January 2016. I finished the network stuff in December 2016 and returned to mod the channel a few months later. I became more involved and now moderate the entire community, the subreddit and Discord included.

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