Becoming the MuffinMedic

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So back in my first undergrad career, I start out as a computer science major. That lasted a semester… Quickly left it when I realized how much math it involved and changed majors start of 2nd sem to Information Systems, which is kind of a blend between comp sci and business.

Did that for the next year, and then I got sort of fucked with credits for a class over some bullshit technicality. The intro to CS class is cross-listed, so it was offered as CS 110 and IS 110, and you could register for either “section” for credit in both majors (same class, same time, same professor, etc…)

I’ve always loved teaching, so I TAd the class sophomore year. i took it as CS 110, so i enrolled to TA as a CS 110 TA online thinking no problem. Turns out, after the semester ended, I found out that even though you can TAKE the class under either major, you have to TA it under the correct major due to some bullshit in how the online registration/degree tracking website works. So basically, I didn’t get credit towards a class I need in IS because I TAd the CS one, even though many of the students were IS majors anyways

So that was end of freshman year

At the time, i was working as a supervisor at a student run campus safety program. kind of cool job actually…. they had this deal over the summer: work 20 hours = free housing, anything over is paid regular wage

well i needed something to do over the summer in addition to work, and a coworker was taking an EMT class at the hospital (on campus medical center). i wasn’t too interested in medicine, but figured first aid is always good to know, so i gave it a shot. ended up LOVING it so i do my sophomore year in Info Sys but kind of get tired of all the bullshit and wanted a break. really loved the EMT class, so i took the next academic year off and got my paramedic license (full year program… shit was hard)

so during the course, we had to do ambulance rotations (in a addition to a ton of hospital units). and one morning i was REALLY REALLY craving a muffin, so we drove around brooklyn looking for a good bakery and my preceptor nicknamed me muffin

(hence MuffinMedic)

well, i loved the year so much, i decided to change majors and rematriculated as a Health Science major. graduated with a B.S. in that with a concentration in Emergency and Critical Care in May and worked my jun and sen years of college as a paramedic moved back home, got a job in June, got fed up with a lot of it, quit in August, and completed my pre-med classes in December 2017. I’m currently studying for the MCAT and will be applying to medical school this summer.

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