Freshman Year Roommate

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Freshman year of college, I had a crazy roommate, we’ll call him B… The year started off well, but he was always a little off… Meds for ADHD, Aspergers, depression, and OCD (lost the meds one day too, but more on that later). His habit was that he legitimately only ate cheese pizza for meals… and would wake up and immediately and eat cookies and Pepsi.. He must have had a 6 pack of Pepsi a day and was horribly overweight. He would also walk around in nothing but underwear, even when there were females on the floor and go shirtless to building meetings. But as a roommate, it gets worse… much, much worse.

My school has a Humans vs Zombies competition, so I was playing with the nerf gun in my room one day shooting it around. Harmless foam dart, nbd… So I’m shooting it around the room and accidentally shoot him in a head. I immediately apologize, pickup the dart, and sit back in my chair thinking that would be the end of it. I was very wrong. He proceeds to get incredibly pissed, to the point he picks up his chair and starts waving it and threatening me with it to the point I was pinned against the wall until a hall mate stopped him. RAs found out and he talked with the RHD.

Proceed a few weeks later and I’m working my overnight when I get a call from my other roommate (we’ll call him P) saying B had a mental breakdown and ended up going by ambulance to the psych ER… Well fuck. He comes back the next morning and basically ends up being forced to go to therapy. It seems to be working well until a few weeks later again when I’m in class and I hear someone crying in the classroom next door. B had a distinctive cry, so I immediately knew what happened. I walked over and just thought “fuck”… He was disrupting the entire class and wouldn’t leave. I ended up calling 911 again and the cops had to escort him out.

So the year goes on and the therapy seems to be working. Until one very bad 3am morning. B had no hearing impairments, but decided he needed a deaf-alarm clock… Basically an alarm clock that emits a super-loud high pitched tone and vibrates the bed. He didn’t tell P and myself about it, and to makes matters worse, I was on the top bunk… So all of a sudden at 3am, I hear what sounds like a siren and the bed starts fucking shaking like crazy. I bolt up thinking we are having an earthquake, until B quietly wakes up, says “sorry, I must have set it wrong” and attempted to go back to sleep. I basically ended up saying “fuck this, you cannot have this thing” and unplugged it. He said his therapist told him to use it, but I wasn’t buying into it.

A few months later, on top of his craziness, he lost ALL of his medications… Except instead of just looking for them, he tells his parents who then proceed to accuse P and myself of stealing 4 bottles of prescription meds. Luckily, by this point, the school had more or less figure out B was just over dramatic and didn’t make a big deal of it… Except we had to live with B on no medications for a while until he got them refilled. The therapy had kicked in though, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been (occasional mental breakdowns, but not much more, we got used to just letting him be). The pills were found a few months later under the bed in his mess of stuff.

tl;dr Roommate with several mental illnesses, OCD food obsessions, unhealthy habits, violence, lost medications, mental breakdowns, and earth-quake inducing alarm clock.

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